Al Ries, Father of Brand Positioning, USA
Testimonial-alTom Cyrus is one of the few marketing people I know who has a complete understanding of what works and what doesn't work in marketing, Furthermore, his background gives him an unusual perspective on the special needs of global brands. More
Arnie McKinnis, HP Worldwide Product Marketing Manager, USA
Testimonial-ArnieTom knows business strategy and marketing - and how to ensure both are aligned to the greatest benefit of both. I highly recommend Tom for his knowledge, insight and professionalism.
Armin Sepidehdam Marketing Manager of Shirafkan, Germany
Testimonial-arminTom is a professional marketing specialist and marketing strategist with good background in international marketing. His ability in marketing and consulting for marketing managers is unique. He is really professional analyst.
Ali Dadgar, Hyundai's Director of eMarketing, Iran
Testimonial-ali-dadgarTom's expertise and proficiency in offering practical issues of marketing and branding has surprised me greatly. Undoubtedly, usinghis experiences and applying them in large private organizations will contribute to the growth and promotionof a given brand and increased sales.
Shahin Shakeri, ModirIran CEO, Iran
Testimonial-shahinWe had a Conference About Marketing and Tom was our Professional Speaker. Thank you Tom for your useful Lecture. I hope to work together again.