tom-cyrusTom Cyrus is an Iranian-born marketing theoretician, strategist and author residing in Germany. He is one of the most recognized marketing experts in Iran who has spent most of time and concentration on marketing in the Middle East. In July 2012, Al Ries referred to him as the most capable marketing specialists in the Middle East. In September 2012, the magazine Business World, which is published in Iran, also introduced him as the most capable marketing expert in the Middle East.

Following what he used to teach to others in the field of global marketing, he changed his name from Toomaj Fraidoony to Tom Cyrus in 2010. However, he does not believe in the localization of the marketing.

One of his most important activities is interviewing with prominent marketing experts from all over the world, analyzing and scrutinizing marketing in the field of promotion in the Middle East and publishing it in the media of the region.

His concepts, theories and articles have always been praised by other marketing experts. About Tom, Al Ries (September 2014) says:

Tom Cyrus is one of the few marketing people I know who has a complete understanding of what works and what doesn’t work in marketing, Furthermore, his background gives him an unusual perspective on the special needs of global brands.

Tom’s professional background in marketing does not exceed ten years, but he has the experience of consulting and educating about sixty successful companies in the Middle East and other countries in his resume. His experience of living in several countries and adequate familiarity with different cultures are his strengths. Moreover, his command of several languages has contributed to his added understanding and appreciation of the markets in different cultures.