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In which fields of marketing do you specialize?

  • Global Marketing
  • Digital Branding
  • Global Branding
  • Digital Branding
  • Naming


In which fields do you specialize but we do not offer marketing consulting?

The answer is simple. We interfere in everything except those mentioned above and entrust them to the experts of those fields.

Although a strong marketing consultant should be familiar with and aware of most marketing concepts, he should more importantly focus on limited issues and try to gain more experience in that field. Our main expertise is the global marketing and planning about it in order to become a brand.

Although well-known and big businesses have been using our consulting, we believe that the Logical Revolution strategy is more beneficial and practical for the new or young companies which are seeking to change their nature. Young and fresh companies still have a lot of opportunities to become a brand and they enjoy remarkable logical flexibility compared with the already having established companies.


In which fields is our counseling focused?

One of the main targets of companies for expanding their investments and services is the Middle East. However, as the statistics show, except for oil and energy companies, other international companies have failed to perform successfully in this region. The Middle East is politically, socially, culturally and regionally is very different from the West. However, success in this market which holds a huge population of consumers is not a simple task.

In a recommendation to one of his clients, Al Ries refers to Tom Cyrus as one of the most capable marketing person in the Middle East. “His clear understanding of the region and his knowledge of cultures and languages common​​ in the Middle East are the main points of his difference compared to others active in this field”. Moreover, Tom’s professional connection with the most capable experts and marketing consultants in the Middle East has added to his positive impact on marketing.