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The biggest weakness of most marketing consultants is that they try to convey information that they do not utilize themselves. Tom Cyrus only recommends those things to others in whose applicability he personally believes. His previous experiences in executive positions like being the director of sales and marketing director as well as his experience in managing the companies he has owned are his distinctive features. These all have helped him to gain a valuable repertoire of sweet and bitter experiences in marketing. Unfortunately, many marketing consultants do not have any real experience of the market.

In his consulting, Tom Cyrus utilizes a unique strategy that he himself has theorized. He calls his strategy Logical Revolution. To understand the impact of this simple but practical strategy, you just need to look at the revolutions around the world, especially those in the twentieth century. Simultaneous with the victory of a revolution, a plethora of revolutionary people who are discontent with what they have done and uselessly desire to return to the past increases and others who had not desired the revolution under any circumstances suffer adversely in all aspects of their lives.

The older a business grows and the bigger it becomes, the more resistant against changes it will accordingly be. The walls whose foundation bricks are laid skew will be skew to the end of the wall and they will finally become a threat to the neighboring buildings as well as themselves. This skew uprising will advance so much that the company will die of the brain death due to reasons we clearly know. In the present time, many businesses are suffering from the brain death. Their hearts, lungs, kidneys and other organs are working, but the brain is dead. Managers only suffice to the pulses which are mostly in the form of numbers sent by the financial and accounting departments and they think that the patient is still alive. Brain death is the irreversible condition in which all brain functions are gone!

By reviewing the things that have been desired from the beginning of a business, in the Logical Revolution we try to strengthen existing effective points and modify and improve the ineffective and harmful actions identified in the marketing department.

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